Could the fly ssh issue prompt text be worded a bit better?

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This isn’t a bug so I figure it makes more sense to put here as a discussion instead?

I was just playing around with the fly ssh issue subcategory of commands and I got a bit confused with the -d flag. It’d be easier if I just show you:

Using the d flag puts me in the mode of "Ok, no matter what I type, this file will go in ~/.ssh" but then the wording of the prompt makes me flinch and think “Path? I thought it’d be a filename. Ah, wait, I guess I need to specify my full ssh path then…?”

I took a look under the hood anyway and it’s pretty clear that the issue command is just concerned with creating files. The prompt reflects as much too but under the -d path, the prompt text and what my brain is assuming start to diverge :stuck_out_tongue:

Design is hard! Technically you could have a subpath in your ssh folder of course so there’s not really a correct answer depending on the angle you’re looking from.

Keep up the good stuff :sunglasses:

Hm. This is good stuff. Is the fix here super easy? Like the prompt should just ask for a “fully-qualified path”?

flyctl ssh issue will remain a first-class citizen in our interface, and there’s good reasons to use it, but most of my energy has been on what we’re doing with flyctl ssh console and friends (it has made many new friends that we’re in the process of introducing).

I mean, code wise, an easy fix is just to change the prompt text if -d is invoked but as a user, I’d find it easier to just deprecate -d in favour of only using a fully qualified path?

It’s no more (or less) effort to type ~/.ssh, I have more confidence in what (and where) I’m getting as an output and you get to maintain 3 less lines of code.

It shall be done! Let me bat it around a bit with everyone else working on flyctl.

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This live typing stuff is really cool.

Thanks! I considered just writing a PR myself but you know what they say about assumptions :stuck_out_tongue: