Can't clone machine in same region in LiteFS speedrun

I’m tying to follow the LiteFS speedrun. (Speedrun: Add LiteFS to your app · Fly Docs) I seem to have things basically working despite some confusion I asked about in another thread, so I got to the last step of cloning.

fly m clone --select --region lhr

If I run that command it works fine. But I don’t actually want a replica in London, I just want another machine in sjc which is near me and all my users. But when I ran it with sjc instead of lhr I got this:

server (main) $ fly m clone --select --region sjc
? Select a machine: 1857599a42e968 still-star-4738 (started, region sjc, process group 'app')
Cloning Machine 1857599a42e968 into region sjc
Volume 'litefs' will start empty
Error: failed to create volume: Post "": EOF

Am I misunderstanding what clone is for?

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