can't access data from my sqlite database on /data Volume

Hello, my Node.js app is working with a sqlite database.
the database is stored outside of my /app volume (I mount a /data volume at root)
for many of my http request, no data are found (response is empty, like empty array as reponse of request with postman) but no 404 or 500 status error are returned.
This issue last minutes, and then, everything come back to normal.
I am using trial plan for now (2 machines, 1 region)
Is this issue due to my plan? number of regions?
Thanks for your help

Hi @manuelvivion :wave:

For apps with multiple machines, you will need to create a volume for each of the machines. There is a documentation page on how to do this for Fly Launch managed multi-machine apps.

To have the same view into its data, your app will also need a way to synchronize data between each of the instances.
Check out LiteFS, Supabase Postgres or Fly Postgres for clustered database solutions built on the infrastructure.

Hi, thanks a lot for this info.
After checking my dashboard, I do have the “/data” volume on both machines of my app. are those 2 volumes automatically synchronized? (by redundancy)

Unfortunately no, they are not (and it wouldn’t be safe to do so without involvement from the application layer, either). You will need another solution like LiteFS for SQLite replication or Supabase Managed Postgres, as listed above.

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