Can "allocation" be replaced with "digest" in the information icon, in the billing page?

I’ve been trying to get a sense of the usage my apps have in Fly, but every time I go the Billing page, I see a cut off description of the line item (like: “1428592 second × VM: Dedicated CPU (at $0”) and the “i” button, with hint “See usage” takes me to “allocation” page where it shows “No data available” (see screenshot below).

The URL is this one:<mine or your username>/usage/allocation?end_date=2023-07-31&start_date=2023-07-01

So, today, I continue to click around to get a sense to compare this month’s usage with last months usage and changed the start & end date above to June.
What did I get? No data available…

So, I noticed the invoice list, so I clicked around…
And in the invoice I’ve found an URL that shows the usage in that invoice…
My first thought: it will show me “No data available”… but it did not!

It showed me a really awesome usage dashboard (see screenshot below)!

It breaks down per app, builder, etc… Just what I was looking for!

By now, if you still here with me, you should know that we are about to get back to “digest” vs “allocation”!
I had to go all the way to Stripe to find the desired URL, while Fly dashboard only pointed me to an URL with “No data available” :-D.

So, I’ve noticed the only different between the two URLs are “digest” vs “allocations”.
Here are the 2 URLs side by side:<mine or your username>/usage/allocation?end_date=2023-07-31&start_date=2023-07-01<mine or your username>/usage/digest?end_date=2023-07-31&start_date=2023-07-01

So, I am adding this to my wishlist’s:

Hi there Fly Team!
Can you replace the "i" button, in the billing page, at least temporarily, to go to the "digest" version instead of the "allocation"?
I know, from the Experimental notice, that this is a new feature you are building, but there is already a better URL than the "allocation"! :-D
And that is being used in the Stripe invoice! :-D

Warm regards!

Ah this is interesting. There’s a fair bit going on behind the scenes to shore up some of our usage tracking and how it makes its way to billing, but what you describe is definitely not a great experience.

The allocations page is likely showing you no data because it’s sending you to the usage for the VM orchestration platform we’ve been moving away from, but that some folks are still on. The new backing platform calls allocations machines (they’re ~similarish).

This gives me a few ideas. Thanks for bringing this to us.

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Hey! Just shipped some improvements to that billing page to call out that digest.

Also, the info bubbles next to each line item should now appropriately link to the Machines usage instead of the allocations usage. I can see how that would have been jarring/confusing before.

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Thank you @jphenow !
That is pointing now to ***/machine/*** which does show up some data!

Where in the dashboard I can get to the ***/digest/*** link?
I found that going all the way to stripe and ctrl c+v the link in the invoice description.

Maybe somewhere in ?

Ah now that you’ve seen the word “digest” in the URL you’ve probably been looking for digest on a URL somewhere. That’s what this button at the bottom of the main usage page and the billing page is:

Unless I misunderstand what digest page you’re looking for!

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Thank you @jphenow .
That link does point to the page that contains the information I was looking for!

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