Bug : During Development of Machine Manager

I am developing a Machine Manager (GitHub - Arshu/ManageMachines: Manage Fly Machines for Publishing Static WebApps) for Static Hosting of Data Web Apps. I am using FlyCtl as well as Rest API to develop this Application,

I encountered the following bugs

a) Sometime even after the App is deleted using Rest Api the Get App Rest Api /v1/apps/app_name returns the App as OK. some times it returns not found.

b) The Flyctl List Apps Api return the Created Date as default as shown below


c) After a Machine is created, My App will auto shutdown and restart on request and it works perfectly till I don’t update the Machine. Once I Update the Machine the Proxy does not auto start.
Example https://edgeapp.fly.dev is an app with a single machine which will not get started since I had done the machine update.

Where https://edgeadmin.fly.dev is another app which has not been updatable and it will auto start once a request is received and will auto shutdown if no request is received in ~30 seconds.

Kindly advice

Very cool tool!

There is some eventual consistency in propagating app changes like deletions across our network. If it’s a happening for a short while—say a few seconds or minutes—it’s likely that the delete and the subsequent reads are happening on different nodes and it’s take a little bit for the delete to fully propagate. If it’s happening for longer
periods of time that could be a bug and we can look into it.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this with the information provided.

This sounds like the http service config for the edgeapp app was lost in the update process. Check the output of fly config display -a edgeapp to see the config for the current app version and make sure it includes the full set of values that were used when starting the machine. In particular, there should be a services field.

Issue : Machine Update stopped Auto Launch of Machine by Proxy : Solved

Once I included the service related json in the Machine Update the Proxy started Auto Launch.

I was expecting that during update only the changed values need to be updated and not the full service config as in Create. You example machine API for Update only mentioned the guest and image json tags, hence the issue.

Issue : Even after the App is deleted using the REST API /v1/apps/app_name to check returns OK on immediate execution : bug?

Now when I tried to retrieve some of the Old AppNames edgeweb, edgeview which I had used yesterday and deleted, edgeweb returns ok and edgeview not found. Eventually consistent cache cannot be taking hours?

Issue 3. Just use flyctl list apps --json and you can see the created date is wrong.

Hi @arshucs, the deleted app still returning OK is a cache issue and we’ll get a fix out for it soon.

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There is an easy to miss note, “Updating the config requires specifying the complete config.”

I updated our docs to include the original config values in the example update request hopefully to help others avoid this issue in the future.