Billing item not clear


I see the following billing item on the Billing page. It is not clear to me what this is about?

196 GB/hr × Volume: SSD Storage (at $0.0002083333 / month)

I only have created a 3GB volume. It’s confusing to see 196GB being charged.

Thank you for clarification.


196 GB/hr × Volume: SSD Storage (at $0.0002083333 / month)

It means that a 1 GB resource was used for 196 hours. It roughly corresponds to a 3 GB resource being used for 65 hours.

The idea behind this measure is to bill the correct amount of money regardless of the data store size and duration it was used for, as it can fluctuate over time. For instance, you may decide to upgrade your 3 GB store to 5 GB size at some point, and the bill will accommodate that.

This is the same approach that is used to bill the electricity (kW/hr).

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