Autoscale, but with minimum instances per region?

I’d really like to have all of my regions always have at least one instance running, but be able to temporarily scale up to more instances in any region if it’s getting more traffic.

For example, I’d love to be able to set minimums like this (pseudocode):
iad: 1, autoscale up to 3 instances
fra: 2, autoscale up to 5 instances
nrt: 1, autoscale up to 3 instances

For my app it matters what regions are running, and so autoscale potentially “stealing” from another region and setting it to 0 instances is a problem.

Is there any way to configure something like this currently? If not, any plans for this in the future?



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+2 we need this!


Of course they have it in their plans for future: Standard Autoscale not placing VMs in each region - #5 by wjordan

You can achieve this with Fly Machines I’d imagine, but it has its own rough edges: Preview: Deploying applications on Machines with flyctl

I’m so tempted to hop over to machines but it just seems like the rough edges are still a little too rough