Auto-fetch latest chromium in ./download folder didn't work

In my axum rust app, there is a function to fetch, download and install the latest chromium into a local folder ./download as follows using the crate chromiumoxide:

  1. is it allowed to download and install stuff once the app is deployed via Dockerfile?
  2. is it better to download chromium at runtime or pre-install it with Dockerfile?
  3. is there some TLS configuration that needs to be done in order to auto-fetch chromium?
  4. is there a static folder where I can drop chrome/chromium into?

code snippet:

 let download_path = Path::new("./download");
    let fetcher = BrowserFetcher::new(
    let info = fetcher.fetch().await?;

chromiumoxide docs (GitHub - mattsse/chromiumoxide: Chrome Devtools Protocol rust API):