Apps worker disappeared and billing item on Hobby plan increased.

Hello guys.
Not sure if the servers was working properly hours ago, but I had to remove and create 1 of my apps (2 Apps, 1 of them for staging) because I was getting 500 status errors.

While doing so, I noticed that the Apps ‘worker’ has dissapeared, and on my Hobby plan,
an item called: 7 GB/hr × Volume: SSD Storage (at $0.0002083333 ) has increased.

The 7 GB/hr × Volume: SSD StorageM wasnt before, or it was like 1 GB/h.
Not sure why this increased.

My question are:

  1. Where has the worker gone? I still was able to deploy and everything seems to work besides I only see my apps, and not the worker.

  2. Im gonna be charged for something? Im on the Hobby plan, but the 7GB/h increased a lot, not sure if it was cause I had to redeploy a few times or what.

Anyways, thanks you!

Hey there! So the 7 GB/hr item means that you have had either 7 volumes at 1GB/hr each or 1 volume at 7 GB/hr. I’m not sure what you’re meaning by your worker, could you explain what you were seeing before?

Hello zee, ty for thr fast response.

  • About the worker: It’s an item we all have on the dashboard/apps.
    Seems like it’s in charge of building the apps. Also seems that it is free, and you can delete it and the worker will appear once again whenever you create a new app.

That worker (app, machine or whatever it is) has dissapeared from my app lists, and I only have the apps i’ve created, and not the worker. Everything works fine, without the worker tho, maybe it’s just a visual bug, because I was able to deploy without any problem.

  • About the 7 GB/h item.
    Not sure how I reached it, either im sure if it’s gonna charge me something because it’s kinda cheap hourly. My question is: Gonna be lowered at some point? How can I reset it or lower it a bit?

Thank you for the fast reply!

Check my last message zee, not sure if I mentioned you.

So on the billing, I apologize I don’t think I was very clear. This just means that you have either had a total of 7GB worth of volumes provisioned for an hour or a single 1GB volume for 7 hours. This is expected when you’re running apps.
Also, it sounds like you’re missing your builder app, if your deployments are still working as expected, then this is nothing to worry about. A new one should be created the next time you deploy!

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