App went dead

That issue is closed, but our app’s connectivity went offline at 16:28 GMT and hasn’t come back yet. I can get in to the ssh console, and see that the logs look normal, but no requests make it through. If this helps…

$ fly ssh console -a my-app
Connecting to {SOME_IPv6}... complete
/ # curl
curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

I don’t care if anyone knows our site name, but I don’t know if the IPv6 address should be kept private.

Would appreciate help getting the site back up and running…

Edit: App is only running in LHR (in case that’s useful)

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Hey, it looks like your certificate expired and we were unable to renew because of a missing AAAA (IPv6) DNS record. You can see setup instructions in your dashboard or with fly certs show and fly certs show

Thanks for the heads up. I’d dropped IPv6 because of a previous issue, I wasn’t aware it was necessary for the cert process (and even now unsure of why it would be necessary if I’m happy serving over IPv4 only).

I’ve added that entry now, but I’m a bit surprised that a) it’s required, b) we didn’t get just a “certificate expired” warning in the browser and c) there was no automated notification from Fly that the certificate had expired and been removed.

It’s up now (thank goodness and thank you for the help, just in time for the weekend), but it’s not been a good week this week…

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