App still Pending due to Sao Paulo incident (CDG)


My app is still pending due Sao Paulo incident for volumes.

Here my logs :

2023-03-15T02:45:57.830 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Starting instance
2023-03-15T02:45:57.923 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Configuring virtual machine
2023-03-15T02:46:01.281 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Pulling container image
2023-03-15T02:48:15.471 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Unpacking image
2023-03-15T02:48:16.086 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Preparing kernel init
2023-03-15T02:48:17.580 runner[324b4e64] cdg [info] Setting up volume 'db_storage'

I tried to restart the machine, also deploy again but nothing worked.

What can I do ? My machine is locked in pending mode, without any new logs.


Hi, I have the exact same issue in CDG. My app is not responding and I cannot deploy nor scale.

Screenshot-202303-15 at 09.21.19


Hi all, I have the same issue. My app also deployed in CDG zone.

I tried to deploy other apps in CDG.
Apps with volumes can by pushed. The VM is in Pending.

Apps without volumes are fine

Resolved for me.


Also solved for me !

Sorry about that, I created an incident this morning and fixed the problem: Status - CDG host did not restart cleanly, preventing instances with volumes to start

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