App deploys seem to get stuck because of volume mount path?

I’m trying to deploy the staging version of my app. I created a volume and am trying to mount it in the subdirectory of my app since my webserver needs write access (it’s purpose is to place images there).

However, while following the instructions for Volumes · Fly Docs and seeing my volume show up using fly volumes list, the deploys with GitHub Actions seem to get stuck with the deploy step? The only hint in the instructions I can find is that a volume needs to be present when deploying the app but that seems to be the case.

The only guess is that I cannot mount a volume in any other location than root? But changing the [mounts] section with a root-located folder causes the same result in the build: a loop.

Is there something I’m missing with this?

It’s possible that you were blocked by a platform-wide issue with deploying apps from earlier today.

If you retry now, and it still fails, then it might be some other issue instead. In that case, I’d recommend posting here with logs that capture the problem.

In terms of problematic mount points, I’m reminded of this issue, where the volume’s path conflicted with run/ on the system (that’s probably not the issue but if it is, it’s an easy fix :sweat_smile: ).

In this case you’d probably want to retry the deploy with LOG_LEVEL=debug, and include fly volumes list.

@eli yes the outage seems to have been the problem. I just did a redeploy and this time it succeeded.


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