API feature request: a graphql mutation to update an app similar to launchApp

Hi again, I’ve been loving the graphql API and I’ll be using it heavily. It would be really awesome if we could update an app in a similar manner as to how we can launch one with the launchApp mutation.

That is, I can set basically everything about the app in one mutation. As things stand I need to scale, change regions, etc. all separately. Not the biggest deal but it’d be really nice when I’m automating this to be able to feed it a new config and just have it sort the changes out. That way I could basically use the same code as I did to create the app in the first place, but change the mutation type and add an ID.

I’ve never used GraphQL before this so let me know if I’m missing some fundamental idiomatic way to combine mutations or something.


This is coming next week Declarative configuration - #12 by michael


You guys are awesome, thanks!