after migration to V2

Hi after update to V2 the fly ssh console when connect this:

root@e2865ed0f42086:/app# rails console
-bash: rails: command not found
root@e2865ed0f42086:/app# gem
-bash: gem: command not found

Any ideas?

Wrong image maybe? Just build it again :joy:

Did these same commands work beforehand?

Just to cover all bases, can you try running /app/bin/rails console?

It’s not working… The app is working well… It was this migration to V2, all and sudden it does not work anymore. even ruby -v return command not found.

thank for your comment @daansk44 but the app is working fine…

Here’s what I’m seeing:

% fly ssh console
Connecting to fdaa:0:d445:a7b:143:3551:6d8a:2... complete
root@d891692b64e558:/rails# echo $PATH
root@d891692b64e558:/rails# which ruby
root@d891692b64e558:/rails# /usr/local/bin/ruby -v
ruby 3.2.2 (2023-03-30 revision e51014f9c0) [x86_64-linux]

Note: my working directory is /rails because I’m using the current dockerfile generator (the one that closely tracks to what Rails 7.1 will be providing). If you haven’t significantly customized your dockerfile, you can try updating your dockerfile using:

bundle add dockerfile-rails --optimistic --group development
bin/rails generate dockerfile