Advice on server setup

I’m looking for some advice on the best way to set up my images on fly. Any help would be much appreciated.
My current setup is a rails 6 application with a MYSQL database backend. I have three rails applications one is an API, the other for our suppliers and the other our staff. The API is used to receive quote requests from our front end system that runs on wordpress (I’m not putting the front end on fly). The supplier app is to get quotes from suppliers (not heavily used and very simple). It currently talks directly to the MYSQL db, but that will be changing to go through an API. Finally we have the primary application that receives the quote requests, works out pricing, talks to google apis a lot, sends emails and manages the jobs with about 4 staff working on it full time.
Currently this all runs on a scaleway linux virtual server that is 4 core and 8GB. I am hoping to break these out to individual docker containers and put them on fly. Does this sound like a reasonable thing to do? My main rails server runs a lot of scripts, should they be seperated?

How comfortable are you writing Dockerfiles? How are your scripts triggered today?

If you like, we can provide Dockerfiles for you to start with, but they are Debian based, tend to assume one app per VM, and for the database to be hosted on a separate VM.

If you are comfortable writing Dockerfiles you can use AlmaLinux, arrange things as you like, including putting all on one VM. The closest thing to a hard rule would be that it is a good idea to put your database on a separate server so that you can deploy new instances without downtime.

If you know Dockerfiles, or want to know more, the following might be a good place to start: Cookbooks · Fly Docs

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Thank you for your message. I will have a look into the Cookbooks.