Add support for multiple primary regions

For now, you can only have one “primary” region. It does not make sense in international scenarios.

What is not possible today is to have a minimal number of machines running in multiple regions. When you set “auto_start_machines” and “auto_stop_machines” to true, machines will be able to scale to zero except in the primary region.

Most of the time, you want to be able to keep at least one machine in distant regions. For example, one machine in NA, one in EU, and one in Asia. You then want to grow the number of machines in these regions when needed.

I propose two improvements:

  1. There should be multiple primary regions instead of one single primary region.
  2. You should be able to indicate a white list of regions you want your machines to automatically start/stop. There are maybe some regions you can’t or don’t want to handle for a reason or another.

The issue was previously discussed here: How to have minimum one machine running in multiple regions.

But there was no “real” solution.

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