Accessing NATS cluster via Wireguard connection


Documentation states that it is possible to connect to NATS cluster from outside of the network if using Wireguard, however i cant seem to make it work:

On the machine via SSH:

nc -vz fdaa::3 4223
Connection to fdaa::3 4223 port [tcp/*] succeeded!


nc -vz fdaa::3 4223
nc: connectx to fdaa::3 port 4223 (tcp) failed: No route to host

Also, connecting via appname.internal:4222 does not work, and docs seem to be outdated.

What are my options?

You can use the address ::3 on your subnet as equivalent to fdaa::3 from a VM.

For example, if your Wireguard config has allowed IPs of fdaa:1:d615::/48, you can use the address fdaa:1:d615::3 for anything that you would use fdaa::3.

Ah thanks! I saw the fdaa:0:6da::3 as a DNS endpoint set on the wireguard connection, and i can hit it now:

nc -vz fdaa:0:6da::3 4223
Connection to fdaa:0:6da::3 port 4223 [tcp/*] succeeded!

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